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There's an old saying, "Where's there's muck there's brass!" Whether or not that's true, the fact is that where there's muck there's usually a smell - and that's a major problem if you're a farmer with a slurry lagoon! You may have been forced into odour reduction measures through legislative compliance, or perhaps it's part of a pro-active policy to enhance a planning application or your relationships with the neighbours. Whichever the reason, we have an ingenious and cost-effective solution for you - it's called Aerocover 

The result of several years' Research & Development, Aerocover  is a technologically advanced solution to managing odours from slurry tanks and lagoons. Unlike conventional measures that seek to contain smells, Aerocover  is a lightweight digestate covering that floats on the surface of slurry and REDUCES emissions.

Aerocover™ Figures


  • Following the introduction of slurry separation and Aerocoverapplication, complaints fell from 59 in August 2009 to 14 in August 2010. 
    Iain McDonellEnvironment Agency
  • On the day of my visit I saw the lagoon being stirred and slurry being spread, there was no smell at all.   
    Sam WaltonPig World

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